I’ve been using Roundcube as my webmail client since the early alpha days and was happy to see the recent release of 0.3-stable. I did have to tweak some PHP configuration items so, for the benefit of other Roundcube users, here’s how to get it up and running on a PHPsuExec enabled host.

As outlined in a previous post, I created my custom configuration file under /home/user/etc/php.d/roundcube/custom.ini using the php_flag and php_value properties from the Roundcube .htaccess file.

display_errors              = Off
log_errors                  = On
upload_max_filesize         = 5M
post_max_size               = 6M
memory_limit                = 64M
zlib.output_compression     = Off
magic_quotes_gpc            = 0
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = 0
suhosin.session.encrypt     = Off
session.auto_start          = 0
session.gc_maxlifetime      = 21600
session.gc_divisor          = 500
session.gc_probability      = 1
mbstring.func_overload      = 0

This file is then merged into the server configuration file as /home/user/etc/php.d/roundcube/php.ini.

Then you just need to edit the Roundcube .htaccess file and add

SetEnv PHPRC /home/user/etc/php.d/roundcube